Originator: Matthew Alexander

Story Type: Novel

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy, Spy Thriller

Tags: Hero’s Journey, Intelligence Gathering, Colonization, Space-Travel, Technology, Exploration, Discovery

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Vectara is a science fiction/fantasy novel that takes place in the near future where Earth has successfully colonized a habitable planet known as Yggdra within the Alpha Centauri star system. The colony of Vectara is tasked with discovering, exploring, and developing new and innovative technologies for the human race. Their most prized technology is known as the VISOR, a sleek colorized glass that covers the eyes. 

 “During the First Expedition, geologists found a mineral deposit that gave off unusual readings. Soon enough, the mineral was mined and used to construct a specialized piece of glass for Vectara’s first visor project. Engineers had concluded that the glass was the perfect material for graphical display.” Ch1. P3.

Kem, the protagonist, arrives on the planet eagerly awaiting assignment to one of the Six Wings of Vectara: Security (the White Wing), Service (the Green Wing), Science and Research (the Blue Wing), Infrastructure (the Yellow Wing), Medical (the Red Wing), and Command (the Navy Wing).

Read Chapter 1 – Arrival

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Note to Readers

All Chapters of Vectara are under development and will contain purple-colored items within the text. This signifies a unique world-item that informs my beta-readers, copy editors, and proofreaders of special creative content.

Additional Chapters

Below you will find a list of Chapters that I have written for Vectara that still require further editing, revision, and polish. Descriptions coming soon.

Chapter 2 – Assignment (Coming Soon)

Chapter 3 – Pursuit (Coming Soon)

Chapter 4 – Quartered (Coming Soon)

Chapter 5 – Return (Coming Soon)

Chapter 6 – Night (Coming Soon)

Chapter 7 – Morning (Coming Soon)

Chapter 8 – Survey (Coming Soon)

Chapter 9 – Exam (Coming Soon)


Vectara is an Original Work of Authorship