Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is StarScript?
A. StarScript Ltd is an interactive story production and publishing company designed to dissolve the wall between consumer and creator to enable the origination of new storytelling experiences.

Q. What is Legends?
A. Legends is a social, crowdfunding story production application. The Legends design, technology, and community will establish a worldbuilding ecosystem. 
Due to its complex nature and that it will involve users uploading multiple forms of carefully designed media, Legends will be starting off as a web application. It will however evolve to also be on moblie.

Q. Is Legends for me?
A. Legends has two general user classes; creators and story lovers. Initially creators will consist of independent writers, illustrators (visual artists), composers (musicians), and editors, however, the platform will end up extending to film, AR/VR, and perhaps gaming. If you are a story creator, participate in story creation, or are looking for new storytelling experiences, the Legends platform is for you!

Q. What stage of development is the Legends platform in?
A. Legends is currently in the Research & Development stage. Legends 1.0 is set to be built in 5 Phases. Each phase will be released for testing to Contributors of the StarScript Crowdfunding Campaign.

Q. What kind of features can I expect as a User of the Legends platform?
A. Some of the main features are Story Origination, Collaborative Crowdfunding, Team Building, Governance Settings, Worldbuilding Tools, Interactive Production Timeline, Creator/Patron Social Network, Immersive Storytelling Experienes and more! See the Feature List or more detail.

Q. How can I become a User of the Legends platform?
A. Crowdfund Contributors will be the first to access Legends. There are currently 3 Tiers by which you can become a Contributor: (1) Stargazer, (2) Explorer, (3) Worldbuilder. Those who contribute to higher tiers get earlier access relative to those who contribute to lower tiers. Contributors gain other rewards in addition to early platform access. You can become a Contributor here.

Q. What is the StarScript Crowdfunding Campaign?
A. StarScript is launching a reward-based Crowdfunding Campaign early 2019 to raise money for the Legends platform development and marketing. The first crowdfunding goal is to raise $25,000 for Legends Phase 1 development. Each development phase will come with a new crowdfunding goal, leading up to $500,000. From there, StarScript plans on releasing a series of stretch goals. StarScript is currently accepting early contributions and offering additional rewards to early contributors

Q. When do Crowdfund Campaign Contributors gain access to the Legends platform?
A. We are aiming to have Phase 1 available for Worldbuilders (at least) to access by the time the Crowdfunding Campaing Launch. In the mean time, Contributors have access to our temporary social platform, where they can build out a social profile and network with other creators and story lovers.

Q. How will I make money on the Legends platform?
A. A user will be able to make income in multiple ways. First, the user can originate a story, thereby becoming an Originator. That story will come equipped with its own story bank and have its own story profile. The story profile will have crowdfunding tiers that the Originator, or other user(s) with governing power, can set up to charge patrons who want to gain access to the story. A story's Patrons will initially be charged on a monthly basis for varying levels of access to a story. That money will go into the story bank and be distributed according to that story's Story Terms.

Another way to make money on the Legends platform is to participate in existing stories by contributing creative works to them, thereby becoming a shareholder of that story's story bank payout. Creator recruitment can take place when a story's governors create a new job and open it up for submission. Recruitment can also happen through private offers, either from the creator or the story governor(s).