Become a Starscript Explorer


Join the Community of Authors, Illustrators, Composers, and other Creators.

? Contribution Tier: Explorer

  • Development Updates
  • Backer Forum Access
  • Explorer Title
  • Explorer Badge
  • Alpha Access
  • Formal Thank You Acknowledgement


Become a StarScript Explorer

Explorer (Tier 2) is a development-level package, allowing Contributors to receive intelligence on the development of StarScript “Legends” Story Production Platform. This includes updates on overall platform development, team member acquisition, and other important announcements. [View the Roadmap for a development snapshot.]

Along with the Explorer Badge and Title, Tier 2 Contributors also gain access to the Official Backer Forums where they can engage with the community and the developers. Discuss platform features, development progress, and take the first steps toward building a community around your Story.

Additionally, Explorers can look forward to the second phase of platform testing, Alpha. Alpha Access will enable Creators to grow their Story much sooner by having an opportunity to experience the features of Legends, which includes:

  • Originate Stories
  • Contribute Creative Works
  • Collaborate on Story Production
  • Generate Income
  • Connect with other Creators, Patrons, and Promoters
  • Build Your Story’s Team
  • Support Stories and Artists You Like
  • Control Story Governance
  • Influence other Stories
  • And more.

Explorers will also receive a Formal ‘Thank You’ from the StarScript Team. We really appreciate all of the support that we get from our backers. Each contribution helps us reach the goal of delivering a new, innovative, high-quality product that truly captures the storytelling and worldbuilding ecosystem that the Team has envisioned.

Who should be an Explorer?

Getting a head start on Story Production can benefit all Creators and Story Lovers. Below are just some of the creative and fan roles that are recommended:

  • Patrons
    • Supporters, Reviewers, Promoters
  • Authors
    • Creative Writers, Editors, Screenwriters, Reviewers, Lyracists
  • Illustrators
    • Painters, Graphic Designers, Concept Artists, and more
  • Composers
    • Musicians of all types
  • Worldbuilders
    • Lorebuilders, Game Masters, Campaign Creators

Since Legends will allow for a form of decentralized story production, team building, and income generation, anyone who desires another means of earning money may have great interest in becoming an Explorer.