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Tony Washington is an artist/illustrator with an inspiring success story. While studying animation at Cal Arts, Tony followed an intuition in his heart and took a train trip to the Comic Con convention in San Diego where he was quickly hired by Image Comics Wildstorm division. Incredibly, Tony was only 18 years old at the time. In his first position as a computer colorist he was placed with Jim Lee, a legendary artist known for working on the X-Men comics.

A few years later, still working free-lance for Wildstorm, he began testing video games for Midway Home Entertainment. His creative talent soon secured him a position as a game concept designer, leading to freelance work in the movie industry on feature films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tony’s professional career now spans 22 years, working with companies like Sony and Blizzard, and involved in projects like World Of Warcraft. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for his work is contagious as he describes his creative history. Tony Speaks of all his projects fondly and expresses great gratitude for being able to bounce between comic books and video games, working artistically across so many entertainment genres. For his work tools, Tony primarily enjoys sketching digitally on his iPad pro using Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Sketch Up for 3D modeling.

For 2019 Tony has two upcoming projects. One is with Konami that will be announced later this year and another is with Upperdeck Pack of Lies, a trading card game that he created all of the characters and environments for. In his spare time he is also working on a story called, "Moirai," which will be entering into full production this spring.

In the future Tony hopes to work on a Batman or Nightwing project and looks forward to interacting with our Starscript community. With such a rich creative career behind him and a bright future still ahead, Tony can certainly be viewed as an inspiration in our community for upcoming artists at the beginning of their professional journey.

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