StarScript Story Origination Section Mobile 1.0
Story Origination

Users of the Legends platform will be able to originate stories or participate in stories originated by others. A user who originates a story is called the Originator. Upon origination, the Originator will choose a governing structure for their production, and begin to build out the story profile page.

The story profile page will often be the first point of contact for prospective patrons interested in subscribing to the story and for prospective creators interested in contributing creative works to the story. It will display story previews, contributing creators, crowdfunding tiers, job submission openings, and more.

There are different types of stories that can be originated on Legends. Novels, graphic novels, comic books, concept albums, and many diverse mixed media productions are expected to emerge.

Relevant Development Phases: Phase 2 and 4

StarScript Story Origination Section Mobile 1.0
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